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Drink Driving - About us
Drink Driving – About us

About us – Drink-Driving.co.uk  is supported by the Addiction Helpline supported by ADUS Healthcare.

ADUS Healthcare are a substance misuse company who help 100’s of clients every year who are suffering with an alcohol addiction, or who are just finding it hard to cope without alcohol. We offer free advice to anyone with an alcohol problem and also offer support for families and friends alike. Plus we also help with funding issues, private and home help and detoxing.

About us. We have rehab centres, and detox units available all over the UK. We can offer one weeks to twenty four weeks care. You do not have to suffer with an alcohol problem in this day and age, and the adage of only the rich and famous can afford rehab is now long go. You will be surprised just how affordable it is.

Why not call our team now to find out more. We are here 24 hours a day, everyday and we look forward to you call. Telephone: 07811 606 606  

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