Alcohol rehab

Drink Driving - Alcohol rehab
Drink Driving – Alcohol rehab

Continued from home page: Alcohol Rehab. All detoxes are tailored to each individuals needs. You will be given medication to stop the craving of alcohol. Your detox will not show on your medical records. You will receive around the clock care. We will have a centre near you.

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We offer alcohol rehab throughout the UK. You can choose from private to funded rehab. We will have a centre available near you. It can be from 10 days to twelve four weeks or longer on request. It is very rarely longer than 12 weeks, and in most cases alcohol rehab is a maximum of 12 weeks, and can be achieved in 4 weeks.


We also offer a ‘fast track for people with busy lives. Call us for details on this. We can offer the most affordable rehab in the UK so it is defiantly worth calling our team to find out more details.

Our team is here 24 hours a day, so call now on Telephone 07811 606 606.

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